About The Team

Angeline Guido Hall
Owner/Interior Designer

From as early as she can remember, Angeline Guido Hall has been immersed in the world of Architecture and Interior Design.  With both her parents owning their own Home building and Design businesses, she grew up on the construction site and in the Interior Design Showrooms.  She recalls many visits to the construction sites as a young child where her mother would hand her some chalk, put her in her pink bicycle helmet and let her use the cement slabs as a canvas to occupy her 4 year old imagination.  It was at the age of twelve that her father decided it was essential that she learn how to use a scale ruler and read blueprints.  Most all of the family vacations consisted of him photographing the architectural details of the cities they visited.  It was inevitable that at such a young age, Angeline's love affair would begin with all things related to Architecture and Interior Design.  Her passion for Architecture and Design followed her all the way through college, where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Texas Christian University. 

Since graduating from TCU, Angeline had the pleasure of working for some wonderful individuals and companies where she gained experience designing not only residences, but also 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts and a number of restaurant.  Most recently before starting her own firm in 2014, Angeline was the Interior Design Coordinator for M Crowd Restaurant Group where e designed restaurants for Mi Cocina and Taco Diner.  Through Angeline's various career opportunities, she has gathered an array of different experiences in every type of design style from traditional, to eclectic, to modern.  Angeline truly enjoys working closely with homeowners and business owners.  Her and her team's young, fresh and vibrant approach to design is one of the attributes that her clients enjoy the most about working with them.      
Angeline  married the love of her life, John Hall, in 2010.  They live together with their dog, Zoie, in a North Dallas suburb and welcomed their first son, Smith, on January 1, 2016.  John works as an insurance agent and has had his State Farm agency since 2012.  

Reno Grossi
Interior Designer/Project Manager

Reno joined Angeline's team as a full-time employee in April of 2015.  Reno acts as the Residential Project Manager assisting Angeline in many of her projects and also managing his wn.  AKA he keeps things moving!  Reno's love for color, pattern, textiles and the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture make him such a valuable asset to Angeline and her client's alike.  He has a very keen eye for scale and balance and pays close attention to the fine details that make an overall design successful.  

Reno grew up in Shreveport, LA with his family.  College is what eventually brought him to Texas, where he studied at University of Texas Arlington.  Reno's  mother owns a successful interior design business in Shreveport, so growing up on the job sites and in the showrooms himself, it was only natural for Reno to choose to follow in her footsteps.  Prior to working for Angeline, Reno worked with his mother's business, Terrie Grossi Designs, and also had many of his own clients for whom he designed and managed their residential interior design projects in Shreveport and Texas.    

Natalie Sanchez
Office and Procurement Manager

Natalie joined Angeline in August of 2016.  She is a very important part of the team as she acts as support for both the designers and clients by filling the role of office manager and procurement manager.  She tends to many of the behind the scenes things that keep projects moving along by implementing all the logistics that go into completing a design.  Natalie comes with much knowledge in the industry and what it takes to successfully oversee the design process due to her previous work experience in a very similar position.  She has already proven to be such an integral part of  the team and everyone is so thrilled to have her on board.  They can't remember what work life was like before Natalie joined them!

Natalie, born and raised in Mesquite, TX, now lives in a suburb of Dallas with her husband, Santiago, and spunky 7-year old daughter.  They have a handful of dogs and other animals, most recently chickens, that reside on their land with them.  They are very active with their church and enjoy spending time together as a family.  Fun fact: Natalie's husband works in Angeline's husband, John's, State Farm office.  Santiago has contributed immensely to John's success as an agent.